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FundRequest: Building Blocks First

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FundRequest is one of the many projects that raised initial funding through an ICO to develop its vision, and after 3 short months, we successfully launched the initial version of our platform to help fund open source software.

The primary goal of our mainnet launch was to bring a working product to market that contains the basic functions of rewarding developers for solving issues and contributing to a coding project, in this case open source projects on Github.

Now, with the first version of our product being live, we’re able to further test, develop, and improve the value the marketplace offers in the real world and begin to see what it is customers and developers actually want to use.

Why we launched FundRequest instead of building the hype

The FundRequest white paper, like any white paper, is a theoretical business model that describes a solution to a problem. The numerous unbiased reviews and succesful token sale only answered the first fundamental question:  Is FundRequest tackling a problem worth solving?

Going to market early allowed us to find answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the real customers?
  • What are the customers’ limitations to buy/use the product or service?
  • How is FundRequest going to differentiate from the competition?
  • Which problems does FundRequest solve for the customer?
  • Which problems should FundRequest solve first?
  • Does FundRequest understand the root cause of the problem?
  • What triggers customers to act and use our service?
  • How can FundRequest convey its message better?
  • Which channels should FundRequest focus on?

After going live, we started “eating our own dog food” by funding issues with the FND token. Open source contributors started to notice and began solving issues and earning rewards.

"I'm sending a small percentage of those rewards to my student brother for his educational costs, so I wanted to say another thanks to you guys, this is a win-win situation for me" -  Sercan Özdemir, https://github.com/rsercano

On the customer side we started to on-board new clients to further test our model. Most recently, Exchange Union decided to jump-start their open-source campaign and reward developers with XUC tokens on FundRequest.

Exchange Union tweets about FundRequest

Up until now, we've been engaged in product validation and experimentation. Through iteration and continuous innovation we are uncovering what to build for FundRequest.

What we've learned so far

We have seen strong interest from enterprise companies looking to tap into the market for developers by using our platform. While the FundRequest Marketplace is operational, it is missing features for businesses to embrace FundRequest as the go-to marketplace for software development.

Key features for FundRequest is an application wallet and becoming blockchain agnostic. Every FundRequest user should be able to use cryptocurrencies within our platform despite his or her crypto experience or blockchain preference. We haven't seen an appropriate solution available on the market so we decided to build an internal wallet provider for our needs. This time we chose to build "in house" and away from public scrutiny until ready.

While discussing with our partners and advisors we've concluded that the interest in our design solution goes beyond the FundRequest Marketplace for Software Development. We have therefore tailored the design to the needs of FundRequest and third party applications. The service will be introduced under the name Arkane.

We will reveal more about Arkane in an upcoming blog post.

The FundRequest Roadmap

We’re regularly adding features to the current platform that benefits the platform users.

Minor updates include:

  • A Chrome Plugin - available here
  • Cancel a funded issue
  • Project Overview Screen
  • Firefox/Brave plugin

The next major release will include Arkane as an internal wallet and is scheduled Q4 2018.

From Start-Up to Scale-Up

We previously welcomed Şahver Kaya, our first post-ICO advisor to the FundRequest advisory board. As mentioned before, Şahver is helping the team as a Growth and Marketing Expert to transition from Start-Up to Scale-Up.

From Minor Updates To The Next Major Milestone

To learn more about our future developments we invite projects to join our Affiliation network.

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