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FundRequest team officially launches Arkane Network in Beta

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In our recent article Building Blocks First we've explained how we've been eating our own dog food and what we've learnt so far. We also emphasised that FundRequest was missing some key features to facilitate user adoption. Since then, we've been working on a solution to solve the adoption issues for FundRequest and blockchain as a whole.

Arkane has recently become a hot topic in the VeChain community and with good reason. We've previously announced that Arkane will support VeChain at launch and people have been asking ever since "When is this launch date expected?".

Pushing the launch forward

We're excited and eager to announce that Arkane Beta Network is officially LIVE. The launch has been pushed forward to support the launch of Thorblock, a pooling service for token sales on VeChain.

Arkane API

30+ businesses have requested API access to develop blockchain DAPPS using Arkane. We warmly welcome them into our network and will start engaging with these businesses to support their development requirements.

FundRequest will integrate with Arkane shortly and become a shared and connected application within the Arkane Network.

Arkane Wallet & Interface

The Arkane front-end is a work in progress. We wish to show a slick and user-friendly interface displaying all the available features that are available in the Arkane back-end (accessible via API). We will be adding these features to the front-end when ready so be sure to keep up.

The power of Arkane mainly lies in the integration possibilities for developers and businesses, but the Arkane User Interface has two additional purposes for the crypto-enthusiast:

  1. A cryptocurrency wallet to view and manage blockchain wallets/accounts.
  2. An overview of the linked applications you've given permission to access one or more wallet(s), for example Thorblock.


Arkane has been thoroughly tested by Thorblock, our first client. We will add bounty campaigns in the upcoming months on our own platform Fundrequest and also on a specialised hacking platform such as Intigriti.

We will go into further detail regarding our security procedures in upcoming blogposts so stay tuned and follow our blog.

An open invitation

Arkane is an open network and we invite projects, businesses and blockchain platforms to freely join our network and build amazing products with the services we provide.

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