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FundRequest welcomes Şahver Kaya as Growth and Marketing Expert

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We're pleased to announce Şahver Kaya has joined FundRequest's Advisory Board. Şahver will advise as growth and marketing expert and will coach the team in building a sustainable business and make the FundRequest platform enterprise ready.

Growth and Marketing Advisor FundRequest
FundRequest Growth and Marketing Advisor

Şahver has worked with corporations such as IBM, Deloitte in the United States and Siemens in Germany. She started two startups, one by herself and one with two MIT faculty members. She sold the first one and left the second one. She studied Physics, Engineering and received an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Next to her entrepreneurial achievements, Şahver was a guest lecturer at MIT where she taught Entrepreneurial Product Marketing and Entrepreneurship for the MIT Sloan's core Marketing Management Course. She also wrote academic business cases of successful technology companies for Stanford University. Her expertise as a professor and entrepreneur will help FundRequest product and token marketing.

“I’ve been very impressed with what FundRequest have achieved to date, and I believe its open source system that supports and rewards collaboration is the future of project development. Leveraging my entrepreneurial and B2B experience, I’m confident I can open FundRequest up to a new audience, and expose major enterprises to the benefits that its collaborative solution offers.” -- Şahver Kaya

Sponsoring the Open Source Development Camp in Turkey

Şahver has helped FundRequest become the main sponsor for the Open Source Development Camp in Turkey. In total 1600 people applied and only 550 were accepted for the 15-day camp. They had 15 courses in 21 classrooms with 70+ trainers. Trainers came from the top software development organization..

Graduation Certificate Open Source Summer Camp
Certificate Open Source Development Camp

Şahver - an influencer in disguise

Şahver is very hands-on and makes valuable introductions within her network, we're now collaborating with a couple of her contacts to discuss their product needs for adoption.

She also introduced us to Paul Pounendis, Founder of Adelaide Blockchain and Business Development Manager for Wanchain in Australia. With Paul we are discussing to engage student bodies to develop Proof of Concepts and tooling to support upcoming Blockchain Infrastructures.

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