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Meet our new UX-Designer Fayna

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After Nico joining as a core member to our team, we are pleased to announce that Fayna Galvan is joining FundRequest as UX/UI Designer.

Fayna is passionate about designing user-centered digital products and with her skills we are building the user experience from scratch to make the FundRequest platform Enterprise ready, which we talked about here.

FundRequest's mission is to be the go-to marketplace for (open source) software development and Fayna's role includes design thinking and keeping the end users in mind. FundRequest is, after all, a double-sided marketplace and the usability of the platform should cater to the needs of businesses, developers and developer teams.

In our previous blogpost, building blocks first, we also talked about Arkane and how we are making this FundRequest feature available to third parties. Fayna is currently tailoring the design of Arkane after which her focus shifts back to the FundRequest marketplace.

Here is a sneak peak of her design skills for Arkane:

Arkane Network sneak peak

To learn more about Fayna, feel free to visit her LinkedIn profile.

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